We do cool stuff with photos and

videos so people share

branded content…

we combine creativity and event tech to create unforgettable brand experiences


by capturing those moments with photo and video fans and guests want to share them


meet noonah


360X captures a slow motion video from every angle. Guests stand on a branded platform and we use a slow motion arm to circle automatically around them. The result is awesome branded content that can be shared within seconds.

Mirror Me 

Mirror Me is a photobooth on steroids.
Consumers see their reflection, their pose, their pout – and your branded content.
That’s it. Mirror Me’s hidden cameras capture that moment.


You want a GIF? Look no further
Burst, Slow, Fast, Boomerang, Glitch – we take GIFs to a whole new level.
And share instantly.

Digital Graffiti

Digital Graffiti recreates the authentic graffiti experience – digitally.
Our team takes real aerosols, removes the paint, and adds the tech.
See your guests release their inner Banksy.

Bespoke Builds

Want something different?
We design, build, execute and analyse.
Your brand in your space as you want it – captured, printed and shared.

Immersive Photography

Augmented Reality, Interactive Green Screen And Staged Photography
Noonah pushes the digital boundaries to place your fans where you want them to be

Bullet Time Cam

Introducing the Bullet Time Cam; fitted with multiple cameras to create a matrix effect. We capture all the images instantly so the user experience is fast – many guests can use the experience within seconds.