Shake Shack

Create an interactive solution to help promote new store in London

The Brief

With the launch of the brand new Shake Shack at Westfield London, the agency orchestrating the event wanted a really cool, interactive piece that guests could use in an engaging way! Not only that, they wanted it to be in keeping with Shake Shacks already existing marketing strategies.

The Solution

We were to be a part of a large experiential area of Westfield and we know how fun the Spray Paint Wall. We needed to create a show-stopping element & we know how guests love the interaction with a ‘’fake’’ spray can to create a piece of artwork. We worked closely with the agency to create before & after designs that guests could add their artistic flare to and also the exterior branding.

The Results

Not only was there a constant queue of people ready and waiting to go on the Spray Paint Wall it also drove guests to the newly opened restaurant located on the site too. Each guest took away branded print out with all of Shake Shacks social media accounts on it too. The budding artists could also share to Facebook, Twitter and Email.